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Discover the best bird watching hot spots in and around Birdsville. These are wondrous places to catch a glimpse of nature’s splendour and take a break before hitting the road again.


Waterhole & Birds

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Birdsville Billabong - Pelican Point

The dense lignum around the billabong provides great habitat for Black-tailed Native-hens and Variegated Fairy-Wrens. 

Birdsville Billabong – Western End

 Pelicans, Marsh Terns, Pink-eared Ducks and Hoary-headed Grebes are all in plentiful supply. 

Birdsville Bore Drain

The winding trickle of water provides a welcome oasis right next to the gibber plains
north of town.

Birdsville Tourist Park

Hear the Red-backed Kingfisher’s distinctive call from the trees and around the caravan park.

Old Diamantina Crossing

Keep an eye on the various raptors overhead.

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